This event will take place in the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia

(July 03rd till July 09th)

03.07. Opening Program Bomb Gallery

Groupshow / Exhibition (permanent): Melanie Hübner, Friederike Ruff,
Kali Emerald Fisher, Josip Mijić and Fabio Giorgi Alberti

“Syria… as my mother speaks” a soundinstallation by
Christine Gedeon and Bent Bøgedal Christoffersen (permanent)

Opening Speech with Mirko S. Božić (Writer)

„Wau & Pengo 1989“ Logan 2014 / Angela Richter (Theater Director)
with Yuri Englert, Malte Sundermann and Kristof Schreuf

Panel / Art and Aktivism
Participants: Angela Richter, Yuri Englert, Malte Sundermann and
Slaven Tolj

Concert with Kristof Schreuf

04.07. Performance

„STEIN“ Sandrine Nogueira
is an experimental performative reflection about stone and men

05.07. Performance / Play

„Space is my Canvas (La Linge)“ (Work in Progress), 2010-2015
Kerim Seiler

„Wau & Pengo 1989“ Logan 2014 / Angela Richter
with Yuri Englert, Malte Sundermann and Kristof Schreuf

06.07. Excursion / Solo Exhibition / Performance

„Sculptur installation, No.8“ Excursion to the factory TUP
(tvornica ugljeno-grafitnih proizvoda) with Marijana V. Pende
Meeting point 11:45h at Pile (important junction in Dubrovnik)

„Sculptur installation, No.8“ Marijana V. Pende and special guest
Slaven Tolj (Performance)

07.07. Performance

Yassemeqk Collective (A wide range of mediums will be represented)

08.07. Groupshow / Exhibition

„Border Line“ Izvor Pende and Lina Franko

09.07. Performance / Finissage

“The Embroidered House” & The Presentation of the trekking tour from
Mostar to Sarajevo (curated by Terre Ballerine) Maria Chiara Calvani

“Renaissance” Amela Darling, Marina Mimosa, Jassi and
Anita Kapraljević

Djing with Amela Darling and Marina Mimosa

with the kind support of:



This event will take place in the city of Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina in summer 2014

(July 29th till August 12th)

with the kind support of:

29.07. Opening Program Bomb Gallery

- Introductory speech with Mirko S. Bozic (Writer)

- Jens Kraßnig “BombArtement” (Performance)
Something is happening
Something hurt´s
You can not hide
It´s man made
Overwolming in it´s cruelness
Legitimated by higher Intentions
With a brutal Beauty
Used and abused for Power
And uplifted to Art
Through manipulation……BombArtement

- Band Deutscher Mädels (Concert)
Rock with elements of Electronic-Music, Avantgarde and Folk with german lyrics.

- After-Show Party @ Club Kariola, Mostar with Berlin Djs.

Robert Aladji
Aladji Robert, only vinyl DJ set including drone ambient noise industrial and some darker technoid electro and african ritual druming. Prepare for a non commercial tracklist. Who is the DJ? Well, he was born in the country called Yugoslawia, left it at age 20, 1991 as war started and became Berlin resident, and as he says, Berlin is the city, the place where he is at home, the metropol where the world is meeting. So will be the set he plays on the festival, a meltingpoint of different styles of underground music and soundscapes.

André Schöne
“After more than twelve years of experience playing electronic bass guitar with bands of several styles of music
such as Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rock, Funk and Experimental, André Schöne is now mainly working as a DJ and producer of
electronic music.
His DJ-sets are dancefloor orientated and stretch throughout jackin’ Chicago House and Acid to bangin’ Techno and trippy Minimal.
The vinyl-only sets are everything but mainstream. He always seems to be able to create a certain kind of raw and deep atmosphere.”

30.07. Group Show / Exhibition

- Renata Papišta
Traditional woodcut on various underground.

- Davor Paponja
Colourful Punk and Steet Art influenced work on paper.

31.07. Group Show / Exhibition

- Melanie Hübner
Monolith Sculpture, refering to Stanley Kubricks „ 2001: A Space Odyssey”.
In the film a black monolith affects humanity to murderous actions.

- Betty Böhm
“Das Mahl” is an absurd, morbid-humorous piece about the different identities
of our personality, about power structures in our relationships and our intrinsic ambivalences.

-Francisco de Goya
“Saturn Devouring his Son”(1815), a reproduction of one of the famous paintings from the
series “Black Paintings”, broaching the issue of fear, hysteria and war…

01.08. Solo Exhibition

- Kerim Seiler
“Space is my Canvas (La Linge)” (Work in Progress), 2010-2014.

02.08. Panel

- Angela Richter (Theater Director), Sandra Hetzl (Artist) let by Gabriela M. Keller (Journalist)
+ special guests.
The discussion will be about the role of artists between the fields of artmarket, avantgarde and activism.

03.08. Solo Exhibition

- Martin G. Schmid
“Past forecast”, painting on stone

04.08. Solo Exhibition

- Patricia Bucher
“I will integrate a fantastic window into the bombed out building”

05.08. Performance and Sound Art

- The Expanding Universe of Al-Joberal Chirolechi
“Ananke - Music for the Fate”
Electronic, Experimental Music from Venice.
This sonic event moves from Stockhausen’s Intuitive Music, general axiom
assumed by the ensemble,
and Meyer-Eppler’s Aleatoric process.
The idea of music as an expansion of our thoughts, as a language able to draw unseen worlds and feelings.

06.08. Performance and Sound Art

- Sandrine Nogueira
“STEIN” is an experimental performative reflection about relation, influences and similarities between stone and men.

For the making of this work the artist lets herself influenced by the immediate context, the surrounding people, the location, her own intuition and the atmosphere. She choses to follow a spontaneous flow of thoughts and emotions that she shapes through her body expression, actions in space and the materials chosen on site.“STEIN” is an experimental performative reflection about relation, influences and similarities between stone and men.For the making of this work the artist lets herself influenced by the immediate context, the surrounding people, the location, her own intuition and the atmosphere.

- Tarik Barri feat Lea Fabrikant
“Versum Live” is the name of an audiovisual Space Trip in a synaesthetic universe of beating,
singing and dancing stars, shapes and patterns. In this live performance Tarik will navigate and
explore his own three-dimensional creations.
His journey at Bomb Gallery will feature live vocals and visuals from performer Lea Fabrikant.

07.08. Solo Exhibition
in collaboration with Taswir

- Ali Kaaf
“Scherben Mantra” Video and photo pieces working with shards and burning.
Reflections from the Syrian artist about erosion and resistance.

08.08. Group Show / Exhibition

- Dženita Huseinović
In the provocative Installation “Šutim – ćutim” (I say nothing)
Dženita visualizes the political, social and economic situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

- Dalibor Nikolić
Big Installative sculptures made out of everyday material.

09.08. Group Show / Exhibition

- Mario Šunjić
Work between painting and assemblage using unconventional materials like
medical technological substitutes.

- Vilim Parić
Blue shaded paintings are the home of Paric´s lonely wolves.

10.08. Group Show / Exhibition

- Wolfgang Flad
Sculptural Performance dealing with bullet holes in the wall.

- Matija M. Pišpek
painting referring to videos of the Bosnia war he found in the internet.

- Patrick F. Panetta
PROXY AFFAIRS / Mapping the city of Mostar, 2014
“For me, a structure is more the end than the beginning of art.
My questions aim to reveal action patterns, in other words the reasons for structures, in a vivid way.”

- Sandra Hetzl
“Like A Huge Eagle” is a videopiece about the situation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

- Evy Schubert
“Vodopad, vom Lauschen und Rauschen“ a film by Evy Schubert.
Documentary about the sound of peace and war made in Sarajevo 2009 (49 min., subtitles in english).

11.08. Solo Exhibition (Screening)
in collaboration with Taswir

- Ana Riaboschenko
DEDABRULI is a video work showing women’s letters of Ajara Region (Eastern Georgia)
written during Turkish occupation in code numbers.
Since Georgian language was forbitten they developed coded letters as a way of communication between
families, some of letters describe their life, some are prayers.

12.08. Group Show / Exhibition

- Tomislav Zovko
“Globalna Silikonizacija” is the title of a series of abstract paintings
inspired by virtual spaces, globalization and synthetic nature.

- Željko Koren
Colourful half-abstract painting creating a fairy tale atmosphere of love and a better world